R2 Solutions

About R2 Solutions

R2 Solutions (R2S) is a non-profit organization established to house the R2 Practices.  We conduct educational and outreach services and provide administrative support for the multi-stakeholder R2 Technical Advisory Committee.

Our Goals:

  • Assure open, transparent, and balanced governance of the R2 Standard
  • Educate about responsible recycling practices
  • Promote the use of the R2 Standard
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration in furtherance of responsible electronics recycling throughout the world


Education and Outreach:

R2 Solutions reaches out to customers of electronic recyclers, providing them with information about the benefits of partnering with R2-certified recyclers.  We also reach out to recyclers, providing them with information about the benefits of being R2 certified.

R2 Solutions plays a significant role educating all audiences regarding responsible electronics recycling practices.

Technical Advisory Committee:

The R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for the content of the R2 Standard going forward.  The TAC is an independent, multi-stakeholder entity, with R2 Solutions providing administrative support.  It is balanced in its make-up and transparent in its deliberations, providing the opportunity for input and due process to all interested parties.

R2 Solutions Board of Directors:

The R2 Solutions Board of Directors provides direction and policy for the R2 Solutions staff and Technical Advisory Committee.  All published revision of the R2 Standard and associated guidance is reviewed and adopted by the R2 Solutions Board of Directors before it is finalized and published.  Please see the current R2S Board of Directors.