R2 Solutions

The R2:2013 Standard

Final Release


The R2:2013 Standard was developed by the R2 Solutions Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) as the next generation of the R2 Practices released in 2008 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. R2:2013 seeks to clarify requirements of the R2:2008 Practices, improve the readability and understanding of the standard, provide additional best practices, and enhance the quality of certification.

The R2:2013 Standard underwent 15 months of preparation by the R2 Solutions TAC.  The development process included the solicitation of public comments on a draft of the document.    The final R2:2013 Standard took into consideration the comments received.  After unanimous approval by the TAC, the R2 Solutions Board of Directors allowed for appeals by commenters and then adopted the final version.

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Transitioning from the current R2:2008 Standard to the R2:2013 Standard shall be accomplished within 18 months of the release of R2:2013 which is scheduled for July 1, 2013.  See the R2:2013 Transition Plan for more details.

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In conjunction with the release of R2:2013, the R2 Code of Practices is also being released and implemented. The R2 Code of Practices details the requirements for implementing R2 Certification.  It includes qualifications and ongoing training requirements for Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, and auditors.  Additionally, it defines time requirements for R2 audits, and the applicability of possible allowances to subsections of the R2 standard. 

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