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R2 Guidance

The R2 Guidance document has been developed by the Technical Advisory Committee and additional volunteer stakeholders to provide clarification on conformance to the R2 Standard. This document has been designed as a tool that can aid recyclers in both the preparation for an R2 audit and in maintaining ongoing conformance. Specifically, the guidance offers explanation about how the Provisions of the R2 Standard can be put into practice and what activities constitute conformance.  It is expected that auditors will also use this document to assist in determining if recyclers have met the practices required in the Standard. The R2 Guidance document is not intended to extend or confer any new provisions or requirements outside of the existing R2 Standard.  It should only clarify the existing provisions.

Download the Guidance Document >>  (version 1.0 published on 06-16-2012)

Public Comments

Consistent with the goal of R2 Solutions to "Assure open, transparent, and balanced governance of the R2 Practices", public feedback was solicited on the proposed R2 Guidance document.  Feedback was collected over 6 weeks and aggregated to present to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for consideration in the final R2 Guidance document.  The below link is a compilation of all comments submitted.  These comments are organized with the applicable section of the R2 Guidance document. 

Download the Guidance Comments >>