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R2 Solutions Named Non-Profit Administrator of R2 E-Recycling

R2 Solutions Named Non-Profit Administrator of R2 E-Recycling Standard Requires Environmentally Responsible and Safe Electronics Recycling

Published Tuesday, September 28, 2010 9:00 am

New Orleans, La., September 28, 2010 -- R2 Solutions, a new non-profit organization, has been named to help administer the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices for Use in Accredited Certification Programs, a comprehensive standard for electronics recyclers.  R2 Solutions will promote the use of R2, provide administrative support to the R2 Governing Council, and help educate the public about responsible electronics recycling.

R2, developed through a two and a half year process led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, requires recyclers to manage materials properly to protect the environment, human health and safety, and prohibit illegal export of hazardous materials.  The standards are supported by government, manufacturer, recycler and non-governmental organization stakeholders.  Currently, 25 e-recycler facilities have been certified to R2, including one outside the United States

“Electronics recycling is becoming a critical part of the global information and communications technology industry and it’s critical a high set of standards is in place to ensure the development of a responsible industry.  R2 Solutions will create the home needed for the R2 standard to continue to develop and be adopted by the technology industry,” said John Lingelbach, Acting Executive Director for R2 Solutions.

R2 is a new high performance bar for the electronics recycling industry.  It requires responsible management of materials through the entire recycling process, prohibits illegal export of materials, and ensures recycling processes are safe and secure.  The management and further development of the standard will be conducted openly and transparently and there is no “pay to play” requirement for recyclers to use R2.

R2 Solutions will encourage use of the R2 Practices in the ICT industry and encourage additional e-recyclers to become certified to the R2 Practices.  The organization will be headquartered in Colorado and has a Board of Directors that currently includes:

  • John DeVillars works in the area of renewable energy as Managing Partner of BlueWave Capital.  The Regional Administrator for New England during President Clinton’s EPA, he served as co-Chair of EPA’s National Common Sense Initiative Advisory Group for the electronics industry;
  • John Howard, independent public policy consultant, former Federal Environmental Executive for the Bush Administration, and former chair of the EPA’s National Advisory Council for Environment Policy and Technology;
  • John Lingelbach, currently serving as acting director of R2 Solutions and responsible for facilitating the multi-stakeholder development of R2 Practices from 2006 to 2008;
  • Pete Regan is currently working with private-equity backed companies and with several non-profits.  Previously, he served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of ERM, Inc., the world’s leading global provider of EHS, risk and social consulting services; and,
  • Lynn Rubinstein, executive director of the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC).

“The development of R2 Practices was driven by the need for recyclers to operate responsible and sustainable businesses.  The establishment of R2 Solutions will encourage stakeholder involvement in further developing and promoting these standards as e-recycling continues to grow as an industry,” said Franz Hiebert, principal, ERM, Inc.

Electronics recyclers who wish to become certified to R2 are encouraged to visit www.r2solutions.org.

About R2 Solutions

R2 Solutions is a non-profit organization formed to administer and promote the R2 standard, a comprehensive set of best management practices for the e-recycling industry governing the environmental, health, safety and security aspects of the electronics recycling industry.  R2 Solutions is responsible for promoting the standard in the ICT industry, encouraging e-recyclers to become certified to R2, educating the public about responsible e-recycling and providing administrative support to the R2 multi-stakeholder governing council. Additional information is available at www.r2solutions.org .


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