R2 Solutions

Education and Outreach

R2 Solutions reaches out to customers of electronic recyclers, providing them with information about the benefits of partnering with R2-certified recyclers.  The organization is also a resource for recyclers, providing them with information about the benefits of being R2 certified.  R2 Solutions also serves as a bridge to link potential new clients searching for responsible recycling services with R2 certified recyclers throughout the world.

Please use the following materials to educate other electronics recyclers and customers:


In addition to the on-line information and resources, R2 Solutions attends a number of prominent industry events to increase awareness about the certification standard.  Here are just a few examples of past events. 

  • E-Scrap Conference 2012 - R2 Solutions presented the R2 Education Series preceding the opening of the conference.  These courses included a abbreviated overview of the R2 Standard, including all 13 provisions.  Another course provided more in-depth training on downstream due diligence and refurbishment.  These courses also provided the first look into recommended changes in the new R2:2013 revised standard.  In addition to the R2 Education Series, members of R2 Solutions Board of Directors spoke at various session topics in the E-Scrap Conference and provided information on the exhibit floor.  Please download John Lingelbach's presentation titled "R2 Moving Forward". 
  • ICRS 2012 - R2 Solutions attended the International Computer Refurbisher Summit where a specific session provided a preview of the recommend changes in the new R2:2013 revised standard.  In addition, another pre-conference session was held as part of the R2 Education Series.  This mini-course provided specific education on the R2 Standard as it relates more to refurbishers.  Additionally, material was provided at the exhibition booth as well as the opportunity to answer specific questions.
  • IERC 2013 - R2 Solutions participated in the 12th International Electronics Recycling Congress in Salzberg, Austria.  In addition to attending, R2 Solutions participated ina  panel discussion titled "How Standards Can Contribute to Level Playing Fields". 

R2 Solutions continues to represent the interests of the standard and R2 certified recyclers at industry events as well as serve as the media contact for the standard.   The R2 Education Series is an ongoing collaboration of educational programs intended to introduce and educate interested parties about the R2 Standard.  In addition, various communications and relationships are maintained with other standards organizations to further educate others about the electronics recycling best practices.  R2 Solutions continues to expand its educational focus to include more customers of recyclers and other organizations around the world.

For more information about educational opportunities and invitations to participate at your function, please use the contact form to reach R2 Solutions.